On the Path of Faith

For thou art my rock and my fortress; therefore for thy name's sake lead me, and guide me. ​
(Psalm 31:3)  

The missionary and Pastor Andreas Schmid from Switzerland and missionary Carmela Schmid from the Philippines, are since July 2008 together on the mission field. Where they experienced how GOD is working in them and through them.  

From 2008 until 2013 Andreas & Carmela served together in Honduras. They worked for two and half years as volunteers for the Swiss Non Profit Organization. „Casa Girasol.“ Their mission was dedicated for the street kids of Tegucigalpa.

​After this, they travelled by faith to the Hondurian Island Utila, where they planted the “Calvary Chapel Utila.” Their motivation was “when God guide then HE will provide.” There they could gather some important experiences as church planter and pastor couple. They faced hardship and disappointment, but God's blessing exceeded all for they experience the loving care of Jesus. With all their spiritual (Bible) and practical experiences developed in that time their vision of „Mission Good News.“​ 

​On November 2011 Andreas & Carmela received a particular blessing, as their son Jim was born and they could become a family. 

(Pictures below Calvary Chapel Utila 2011)

In June 2013 they decided to do a further step of faith and so they moved with their 19 months old son Jim to the Philippines, to start there, their vision of „Mission Good News.“ They arrived in Manila only with their luggage and it took a while until they could start to work. Though after few months of time preparation, followed their first mission trip to the indigenous Aeta people.  

They ventured almost five years continuing mission trips to different Aeta communities in Bataan. Where they spreaded the Good News and planted home circles.  As Andreas & Carmela could witness the difficult life circumstances of the Aeta people, they began to develop a livelihood farm project. So, their mission work become a spiritual and practical support. 

In March 2015, their mission work reached an important milestone. The Swiss couple Cris & Sarina Bertoli joined and made out of „Mission Good News“a Swiss Association.

Andreas & Carmela planted during these years four home circles among the Aeta tribe of Bataan and one developed to a church. This Aeta church in Abucay grew and had a good foundation after three years of nursing. As the missionary couple saw that their work as church planter is done, they trusted the leadership to the natives and lowlander pastor. 

​They experienced again the urge to go on, plant a new church and it was drawing them to India. And so they began to prepare to extend the missionwork of MGN to India. It was their plan to work together with a chummily Indian Family, who runs a chlidren's home. In this way they were seeking to get access to work in India as missionaries.

During this process, Thomas Sommer from Switzerlend joined the MGN, which was a further great blessing. 

Andreas & Carmela prepared their departure to India. They released their household and packed their luggage. Yet God did not allow them to move to India, but led them to Baguio City, Philippines where they finally settled. There, began a new chapter  in their lives and mission work. In the present time they're leading from there the ongoing projects of MGN and they are working on discipleship training and on church planting in Baguio City,